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On 1 April 2021, Lingua Franca World Community CIC will incorporate a new trading arm as part of the social enterprise’s future growth and sustainability strategy.

Lingua Franca World Music Agency, the only music company in North West to solely represent professional culturally diverse performers, has, until now, been run by sole trader Geli Berg, the CIC’s voluntary Managing Director. 

“When COVID lockdown hit a year ago, all our bookings were cancelled,” explains Geli  “As our CIC directors are also all performers, it became clear that it was no longer feasible for us to run the company as a voluntary concern.   “Over the last 12 months I have been looking at ways at better supporting our performers and it made sense to incorporate the agency into our social enterprise, which was already delivering funded collaborative creative projects.  The new company structure will enable us to offer new professional development opportunities to our artists, together with the opportunity for greater involvement in the way the company is run.”

The new strand of the Community Interest Company will be rebranded as Lingua Franca World Community Performers.  Thanks to funding from Comic Relief, via Greater Manchester BAME Network, the company is launching a new logo and website on the same day.  The website has been designed by Logo Graphics, with professional images from Tanya Weekes photography and three interviews with musicians filmed by Aroana Media.  All our suppliers are also self-employed or freelance BAME creatives.