Jokeh is a dance artist from Latri Kunda in the Gambia, specialising in West African ballet. Ballet is a group dance which originated in the communities of Gambia Conakry involving adults of both sexes and children.

Jokeh’s parents were both musicians.  Her mother was a wedding singer and her father a tabala drummer.  So it is perhaps not surprising that as an adult Jokeh is now internationally recognised for her knowledge of traditional West African Manding dances and other cultural dance forms, including Djembe, Wolof, Sabar, Fula, Calabash and Jola.

As a teenager toured the USA with the Gambian National Dance Troupe.  She went on to tour in Germany, Sweden and the UK.  She has been based in Manchester since 2003 and she earns her living performing, working in theatre, running educational programmes and workshops and providing private tuition.

At the same time, back home in the Gambia, Jokeh still manages African Dance – one of the leading drum and ballet dance troops in the country.  Established in 1989 the collective includes artists from Guinea, The Gambia and Senegal who regularly perform at roots and culture festivals, major hotels and at traditional ceremonies.

Book Jokeh for traditional West African dance performances and dance and cultural workshops for all ages.

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