Golty Farabeau is a Roots Reggae and Sega musician from The Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. His music reflects the beauty and relaxed lifestyle of his homeland.

Golty first toured professionally as a teenager, playing bass for a well-known Mauritian artist.Since then his reputation has spread across the world, and he is a major name in his home country, well regarded for his compositions, rich voice and unique basslines.  His career highlights include playing at the Montreux Jazz Festival, being featured on a Swatch advert, receiving a gold medal at the Isles Jeux de la Francophonie in Madagascar in 1997, playing alongside Bitty McClean in 2000 and participating in Fete Afrique in 2002.

Since settling in the UK, Golty has become a popular performer on the North West music scene, where his performances have included the Cultural Collage Music Festival in Manchester, Mintfest in Kendal, Manchester International Festival and Blue Dot.

Golty Farabeau has produced eight albums and is always working on new songs.

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